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Frequently Asked Questions Concerning FNB Online and FNB Online Bill Pay

Please feel free to print any information that you need. Should you have any other questions concerning FNB Online or FNB Online Bill Pay, please contact us at (620) 672-6421, extension 0, or toll free at 1-800-300-3817.

What does FNB Online banking enable me to do?
With FNB Online, you can manage your First National Bank in Pratt accounts anytime and use the internet to do virtually anything you can do in person at First National Bank in Pratt.

  • Check your balances. View real-time balances for your First National Bank in Pratt deposit accounts and personal loans. Running balances enable you to follow your balances with each transaction.
  • Monitor account activity. See the details or conduct searches of the transactions that have occurred on your accounts. Sorting and filtering enables you to create flexible views of your transactions and categorize them to track expenses and quickly look up specific items.
  • Transfer funds. Schedule transfers, including future-dated transfers, between First National Bank in Pratt accounts at a frequency you select; keep tabs on pending transfers.
  • Order checks. From FNB Online and our website, you can print off a Check Re-Order Form. Complete the form and either send it to us or bring it in with you. We’ll do the rest!
  • Create alerts. Set up e-mail alerts to notify you when an account balance reaches a designated amount, when a transfer is complete, when a check clears, or when a CD matures.
  • View statements and check images. Download your monthly statements and view check images. Choose eStatements, a better way to get your account statement. You may access up to 15 months of past statements.
  • Communicate with customer service. From within FNB Online, send secure messages to and receive secure messages from First National Bank in Pratt Customer Service Representatives.
  • Pay your bills. Add FNB Online Bill Pay and enjoy even greater convenience. Pay your bills using FNB Online - at the same time and place that you're already managing your First National Bank in Pratt accounts.

Which accounts can I manage using FNB Online?
FNB Online provides you with secure, unlimited access to your First National Bank in Pratt checking accounts, savings accounts, CD’s, and personal loans.

May I use FNB Online to manage my business accounts?
No, FNB Online can only be used to manage your personal accounts, not any business.

Is there a fee for FNB Online?
FNB Online is absolutely FREE!

I noticed that FNB Online Bill Pay is integrated into FNB Online. If I enroll in FNB Online, will I be enrolled automatically for FNB Online Bill Pay as well?
No. FNB Online Bill Pay is optional. Because fees may apply, you're required to enroll for FNB Online Bill Pay separately. You may enroll for FNB Online Bill Pay during FNB Online banking enrollment, or you can add FNB Online Bill Pay at any time by clicking the "Bill Payment" link from the left navigation panel within FNB Online banking.

I'm ready to enroll. What do I need?
In order to enroll in FNB Online, you'll need to gather your most recent First National Bank in Pratt statement and be prepared to provide your Social Security Number and e-mail address. During enrollment, you'll select a User ID and Password.

What are the cut-off times for the various transfer frequencies?

  • One-time transfers: Transfers to deposit accounts using today's date prior to 6 p.m. Central Standard Time (CST) are immediately reflected in your account balances at FNB Online and at ATMs. Transfers made after 6 p.m. CST will be reflected in the next business day. To pay items processed against your account overnight, and to avoid possible overdraft or insufficient funds fees, transfers must be sent before 6 p.m. CST.
  • Repeating transfers: Transfers you schedule for today after 6 p.m. CST in a repeating transfer series will be processed the next business day. Future-dated transfers will be available to pay items processed against your account overnight as of the transfer date you select.

Regarding recurring transfers, how are the frequencies defined?
If you select a start date of Tuesday, October 5:

  • Weekly, the transfer would occur the following Tuesday
  • Bi-weekly, the transfer would occur every other Tuesday
  • Twice a month, the transfer would occur every 14 days
  • Monthly, the transfer would occur the 5th of every month
  • Quarterly, the transfer would occur 3 months from October 5

What if I forget my User ID or Password?
If you forget your User ID or Password, please call a customer service representative at 1-620-672-6421. You will be provided a temporary password or user ID.

What does FNB Online Bill Pay enable me to do?
When you activate FNB Online Bill Pay, you'll save valuable time. You can pay bills and access your First National Bank in Pratt account information with just one User ID and Password, and instead of writing checks, buying stamps and making trips to the post office, you can securely pay your bills using FNB Online anytime to virtually anyone.

  • Manage your payees. Send bill payments to any company that sends you a bill or any person or organization, such as a friend or charity, you wish to send a payment. Assign categories to each payee to make it easier to track expenses.
  • Manage your bill payments. Pay one bill or multiple bills from one screen. Flexible scheduling options enable you to schedule your bill payments to occur one time or to repeat, to begin processing today or in the future. Keep tabs on pending payments and edit or cancel payments if necessary.
  • Pay your bills from multiple funding accounts. Select more than one First National Bank in Pratt checking account from which to pay bills.
  • Generate reports. Customize reports from a variety of criteria to quickly look up specific payments.

Is there a fee for FNB Online Bill Pay?
FNB Online Bill Pay is optional. Fees may apply for FNB Online Bill Pay. For our customers who qualify for our banking products First Premium and First Rewards, FNB Online Bill Pay is FREE of charge.

Which account will my FNB Online Bill Pay fees be debited from?
When you enroll in FNB Online Bill Pay, you will select a First National Bank in Pratt checking account from which to pay your bills. This funding account will also be the account from which your FNB Online Bill Pay fees will be debited.

What if my bill payment is not received?
If you receive notification that your bill payment was not received, please call 1-866-537-1704 so the problem can be researched.

What if I want to cancel my FNB Online Bill Pay service?
If you wish to cancel your FNB Online Bill Pay service, you must contact First National Bank in Pratt in writing at:
First National Bank in Pratt
P.O. Box N
Pratt, KS 67124
We must receive written notice of service cancellation by mail at least ten days prior to the cancellation date.

What are the browser and system requirements for using FNB Online?
FNB Online has been optimized to run on a fairly standard platform that meets the following system requirements:

  • Hardware: A PC equipped with 133 MHz processor, 64 Mg of memory, and 920x600 screen resolutions.
  • Software: We highly recommend the use of the latest commercially accepted browser versions with 128-bit encryption offered by Microsoft®. FNB Online may run using a lesser platform, but response time may be slower.

When does FNB Online banking undergo routine maintenance?
Routine maintenance is necessary to keep FNB Online operating at its peak. In order to minimize the impact to you, FNB Online Banking will be unavailable for electronic banking and bill payment from 2:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. on Sundays.

How secure is my account information in FNB Online?
Protecting the privacy and security of your confidential account information is our top priority. Your account information is protected by a User ID and Password that only you know, and you can change your password as often as once per calendar day. After three consecutive failed password attempts, you will be locked out of FNB Online and must call 1-620-672-6421 to reset your password. For additional security, it's important that you always log out at the end of your FNB Online session, especially if you share a computer. If you forget to logout, First National Bank in Pratt will end your session automatically after ten minutes of inactivity.

How secure is FNB Online?
First National Bank in Pratt has taken dramatic steps to ensure the security of FNB Online. Our Security Policy communicates our commitment to providing a secure environment in which you can take full advantage of our convenient banking technology without anyone taking advantage of you.

Is e-mail sent through FNB Online secure?
Yes, when you're logged in to FNB Online and you select "Contact Us" under Message Center, your e-mail message is sent over a dedicated, secure line to First National Bank in Pratt, so it's safe to include sensitive information like account numbers.

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