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Gift of Knowledge Library

What is the Gift of Knowledge Library?

"The Gift of Knowledge Library" is designed to send every Pre-school child in Pratt County a free book every month until their fifth birthday.

How The Program Works

  • Fill out and return the registration form for each child in your family who is under the age of five.
  • Each child will receive one book monthly.
  • This book becomes the child’s own to read over and over and perhaps pass down to their children.

Once a registration form is received, preschool children should receive the first book in 6-8 weeks.

The Gift of Knowledge Library is sponsored by the First National Bank in Pratt with the hope of instilling a life time of reading. This program is modeled after the Dolly Parton Imagination Library with permission of the Dollywood Foundation.

The First National Bank views this as an opportunity for you and your child to read together, learn together and dream together and to help the children in Pratt County, Kansas, have a better future.

For as long as the pre-school child resides in Pratt County, they will Gift of Knowledge receive a free "Gift of Knowledge" library book each month.

The program continues until the child is five years old. Books will be mailed directly to the address listed on the official registration form in the child's name.

Children moving outside of Pratt County will exit the program at that time. Children moving into Pratt County may participate in the program following approval of an official registration form.

If a child's residence changes, a parent must notify the "Gift of Knowledge Library", in order to continue receiving books. Starting a child on this book program is simple. The only three requirements for a child to receive the "Gift of Knowledge" books are:

A parent must complete the registration form
The child must be under the age of five
The child must be living in Pratt County
Sign your child up today!!!

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