First National Bank in Pratt

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FNB Banking by Phone

The First makes it quick and easy to access your bank accounts by phone. Banking by phone is just a call away! Our 24-hour information line is easy to use. Follow the step-by-step instructions to start today! You can call toll free at 1-800-300-3817 or locally at (620) 672-4800.

At the prompt, select option 1 for your 24-Hr. Banking Line and follow the directions given below:

To access your account information:
You will need to create a 4 digit security code with your account number and the last four digits of the primary account holder’s social security number. Please follow the instructions provided by the operator. After you create your security code you can then access your account information.


Press 1 for Account Information and Funds Transfer
Press 2 for instructions on how to use this system
Press 3 for Branch Locations and ATMs
Press 9 to repeat this menu
Press 0 to speak with a Customer Service Representative
click this box to close